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Accessories and comments
Fiat 500 Luxe 
Year  30-6-1971  
Km 28834
This Fiat is almost in new condition !
Very nice paint and no savings have been made.
New bumpers
New iron emblems
New chrome trims
New headlights
New chrome around the lights
New flashlights
New backlights
New mirror
New liceneplate light-cover
New suitcase holder and suitcase
New slideroof and ironwork
New door handles
New tyres
New wheel covers
We replaced rubber parts
Interieur new with  skai leather
Hat shelf new padded
Dashboard in top conditon !
New floor cover
Carpet set included
Sunshades new padded
New doorpanels
New window pendulums
Trunk: new wiring harness
Perfect paint and tanks looks as new
New heat shield
New sprak plug ngk 500cc
New fuel pump
New contactpoints set
New wiring harness
New airfilters
New gaskets
Nieuwe oil filling plug
New pistong rings.
Engine looks great en car drives great too !
New shockabsorbers
New leaf springs
New brakes cables
New brakes
Newstearing positions
New exhaust
All rubbers repleced, in short: this Fiat is as new and drives as new !